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  • The 23rd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018

    Founded in 1996, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is a world-class high-level exhibition that gathers the world's best and most comprehensive lighting production and trading companies. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be held from 9 to 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou. As a large, influential and comprehensive lighting and LED industry exhibition in the world, the number of spectators this year is more innovative. More than 116,000 professional audiences in 120 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, with an increase of 6% over the previous year, 20% are the overseas audience. [View Details]
  • Breaking News .100W 150W DLC Preminum LED Retrofit Kits

    100W 150W LED Retrofit Kits Passed DLC Preminum [View Details]
  • New LED Stadium Light--Recommend !

    Good news for you ! there comes the new ultra-light and thin supper LED stadium light! Bbier LED provides energy efficient, cost effective industrial LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor sports arenas and stadiums. Specific sports venues include Baseball Stadium,Basketball Court,Football Stadium,Hockey Rink,Soccer Stadium,Tennis Court Lacrosse and more. [View Details]
  • Order Has Been Finished--Ready for Shipping

    Thanks for customer’s trust and support, all goods has been test and package well , ready for the shipment. This customer is from DE, we have cooperation for several years, established a long term business relationship. [View Details]
  • Post Top Light--Glad to See You Again in Columbia University

    We Shenzhen BBier Lighting Co.,Ltd has finished the order for Columbia University recently, and now some of the post top lights are installed in the beautiful Columbia University, let’s go and have a look. [View Details]
  • Development and Teamwork from Bbier Lighting

    Development and Teamwork from Bbier Lighting Under the leadership of the elite team, and the company's advanced technology development, the company's development is getting better and better. [View Details]
  • 120W LED Corn Light Bulb--New Generation

    Nowadays, Energy-saving corn light is very popular, it is pollution-free. DC drive, ultra-low power (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than traditional light sources, energy saving more than 80%. Better environmental benefits, there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, there is no heat, no radiation, little glare, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution without mercury elements, cold light source, can be safely touched, belonging to the typical green Lighting source. Multi-purpose and independent light source - new development direction of corn light. [View Details]
  • Bbier in Hong Kong International Lighting Spring Fair 2014

    Shenzhen Bbier Lighting Co., Ltd. had a booth in HongKong International Lighting Fair Spring Edition. The Booth No is : 1C-C31 Time : April 6th - 9th 2014 [View Details]
  • Led Corn Lights Manufacturing Process - YouTube

    Led Corn Lights Manufacturing Process - YouTube [View Details]
  • led corn light bulb replace introduction - YouTube

    led corn light bulb replace introduction - YouTube [View Details]